Our Smokefree Sheffield partners

Our local partners are working in councils, hospitals, quitting services and more. You can be sure there’s someone to support you on your smokefree journey.

Find the right support for you

Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield

Find the right quitting support for you with our range of stop smoking programmes. Together, we’ll develop tailored plans to give you the best chance of stopping.

We’ll support you on the phone, online or in person and we have a Quit Shop based at the Moor Market open six days a week. You can also join our online community to keep motivated. Whether you’re ready to take your first steps to quit or just need a bit of support, we’ve got you covered.


Children and young people across Sheffield deserve a healthy, smokefree life. At Zest, we work with the local community to deliver both a smokefree schools programme and an under 18s stop smoking service.

Our services promote being smokefree as the norm to primary and secondary schools and we have a dedicated Stop Smoking Advisor available to give you or your family the right advice when you need it.

Jessop Wing

As a team of specialist midwives supporting women, you can rely on us for help to stop smoking before and during pregnancy.

Whether you need help at home, in hospital or at a place to suit you, our community focus means we’re determined to be by your side during your smokefree journey.

Trading Standards Sheffield

Through us, you can make a real contribution to a smokefree Sheffield – whether you’re a smoker or not. We’re committed to stopping underage tobacco sales and keeping the supply of cheap and illegal tobacco out of our local communities. These sales could be funding illegal and criminal activity.

You can help us by reporting the sale of cheap and illicit tobacco from shops and houses in your area, including underage sales.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

We are a team of Health Visitors, School Nurses and Nursery Nurses who work in partnership with families, children and young people to help children and families become and remain smokefree.

We also work with women during their pregnancy, postnatally and beyond, alongside providing advice about smoking to young people. This support works together to enable families and children to have a healthier and smokefree future.