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Smokefree Sheffield is working towards a future where no-one can remember the last time they knew someone who started smoking.


For you, for Sheffield

If you’re thinking of stopping or just need some support to stay strong, Smokefree Sheffield is here for you. We have the local knowledge, national knowhow and practical support to get you where you want to be.

Expert help on hand

We have a great team, with a proven track record of helping people like you to stop smoking and achieve your goal. You're four times more likely to stop smoking with our support.

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A healthier city

By going smokefree, you’ll be part of making Sheffield an even better place to live. Cleaner air for our loved ones… healthier homes and workplaces… the impact is greater than you think – and benefits everyone.

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Stamping out smoking this New Year with Smokefree Sheffield


Smokefree Sheffield is kicking off the New Year with a series of campaigns tackling a broad range of smoking-related issues.

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Businesses urged to be smokefree


Business owners repeatedly breaking the law by allowing smoking on their premises have been fined a total of £41,000 since the start of an operation which began in 2013 by Sheffield City Council Health and Safety Enforcement team.

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Illicit tobacco traders prosecuted in Sheffield


Two illegal traders have been prosecuted for selling illicit tobacco products confiscating more than 27,000 cigarettes and 150 packets of tobacco.

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We know what quitting’s like – it’s why we're behind you the whole way.