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Smoking doesn’t care about you.
But we do.

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#QuitForCovid Coronavirus
(COVID-19) information

Smokers are at increased risk from COVID-19. Quitting smoking is an important way to reduce your risk. Visit our Quit for Covid page for more information.

Make today the day you take the first step on your quit journey!

Quit for COVID
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Stop smoking support

You're three times more likely to quit with the help of our stop smoking services. Find your support here.

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Our story

For you, for Sheffield

If you’re thinking of stopping or just need some support to stay strong, Smokefree Sheffield is here for you. We have the local knowledge, national knowhow and practical support to get you where you want to be.

Smokefree Sheffield is working towards a future where no-one can remember the last time they knew someone who started smoking.

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A healthier city

By going smokefree, you’ll be part of making Sheffield an even better place to live. Cleaner air for our loved ones… healthier homes and workplaces… the impact is greater than you think – and benefits everyone.

Latest News

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Sheffield City Council funds access to Smoke Free app that’s helped 500,000 people quit.

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Sheffield City Council pledges to help 250 staff members to quit smoking this Stoptober

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Are you ready to say ‘Today is the Day’ to quit smoking?

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We know what quitting’s like – it’s why we're behind you the whole way.