About Smokefree Sheffield

Let’s take action

We are local people taking collective action across Sheffield to tackle the biggest killer of our population: smoking.

A group of women

We are local

Created by a range of city partners, Smokefree Sheffield was developed to bring together everyone with a shared goal. We’re giving the people of Sheffield the confidence that we are all working to tackle smoking in our communities.

Local Women

What ties us all together is our passion for Sheffield, its people and our future.

Find your Smokefree Sheffield

When you need help, we’ll point you in the right direction. If you haven’t yet made the first step, our campaigns will motivate you to consider it. If you don’t smoke, you can work with us to help tackle smoking issues that still affect you, like illicit tobacco.


Let’s start a conversation

We want to start conversations and encourage smokers and non-smokers to think about the impact smoking has on our city, and how a Smokefree Sheffield benefits everyone. You have the opportunity to join us on this journey and make the first steps towards a smokefree generation.

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What do people think

Going smokefree is easier with a whole city behind you.