Supporting families in a Smokefree pregnancy

Supporting families in a Smokefree pregnancy: main article image

Supporting families in a Smokefree pregnancy

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Smoking or being exposed to second-hand smoke in pregnancy, harms in more ways than you think.

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals that can cause harm to you and your baby. By smoking, or being around smokers during pregnancy, your baby is at higher risk of:

• Miscarriage
• Stillbirth
• Premature birth
• Low birth weight
• Lung and breathing problems for baby
• Baby born with heat defects
• Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

The best thing you and your family can do for your baby’s health is to quit.

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to quit. You and your baby will see the benefits immediately. Just one day after quitting your carbon monoxide levels will return to normal, meaning your baby starts getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

You will see so many benefits during and after pregnancy:

• Healthier placenta to feed and protect baby
• Baby’s organs develop better
• Baby born at the right time
• Baby grows stronger
• More oxygen to baby
• Healthier pregnancy

Advice for expectant parents

Giving up smoking isn’t always easy, however with the right support you can overcome any obstacles and the long-term benefits for you and your baby are so worth it.

You’re 4 times more likely to successfully quit smoking using a stop smoking service and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

The best and safest way to stop smoking is to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

People often think nicotine is harmful to babies, however although it is addictive, it’s actually the 4,000 poisonous chemicals like tar and carbon monoxide in cigarettes that are causing harm to the baby. NRT is considered to be safe in pregnancy, as this doesn’t contain any of these harmful chemicals.

There are lots of options available too, including gum, patches and tablets. The stop smoking midwifery team will work with you to find the best option for you.

Specialist midwife Nicola answers some of the commonly asked questions.

Get support to quit

Our partners at Jessop Wing and Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield are on hand to support you and your family to quit smoking. Together they help over 150 families per year quit smoking in pregnancy, like Brooke.

After finding out she was pregnant, Brooke, 25, from High Green, was determined to quit smoking for good.

It was a challenging journey for Brooke who’d been smoking between 15 – 20 cigarettes a day smoker for 10 years. However she succeeded in quitting with the support of the team at Jessop Wing.

Brooke said:

“I cannot thank the service enough. My stop-smoking midwife is absolutely fantastic, she discussed all the different stop smoking methods with me to find which would suit me most, we decided on nicotine replacement therapy and then she visited me every week at first and then every two weeks after that. I can genuinely, hand on heart say I couldn’t have stopped without her.”

Start your journey to a Smokefree pregnancy today.

Talk to someone at Jessop Wing or call 0114 226 5627.

Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield:
0800 612 0011 FREE from landlines
0330 660 1166 FREE from most mobiles

Why not get started with our 30 day quit chart and mark off each day that you don’t smoke. After the first 30 days you and your baby will experience so many positive health changes from quitting and help you stay smokefree for good.